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Why sponsor design competitions?

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Why sponsor on UNI?

Uni is the world's leading organizers of Design competitions and has organized more than 50 design competitions in one calendar year, which has received over 5000 design projects. UNI hosts a community of more than 75,000 creative people who visit UNI in search of great ideas, award-winning design project and share their thoughts with the rest of the world.
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How does it work?

More options to choose from

Choose an active competition hosted on UNI

Visit to choose a competition from a variety of briefs. Check the brief, awards, jury and participation criteria before making a choice.

Choose awards to sponsor

Choose the competition and award type you would like to sponsor. You can choose single/multiple awards to sponsor or the whole design competition to sponsor. Sponsoring the whole design competition entitles you for the Title sponsor and at the same time makes the entire competition free for all the participants.

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More options to choose from

Set your budget and sponsor the competition

Click on the sponsor button, to begin with, a minimum sponsorship amount of 500 USD for honorable mention Awards.

Sponsorship plans



Unlimited per competition



20 per competition



10 per competition



3 per competition



2 per competition



1 per competition

Logo placement

Check out our handy guide for an overview of promotional materials

What happens next?

Once you sponsor a competition your organization name automatically gets added under the sponsor section within 24 hours. Sponsoring an award also waives off the entry fee of the award winner and carries your brand logo with the award winner's entry for the Project's Lifetime. Check here this list of all FAQ's associated with Sponsoring a design competition on UNI.

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