Effective from 08 Feb 2019

Payment and Payment Liability

Table of Contents:


  1. Invoices
  2. Payment Date
  3. Payment Liability

1. Invoices

 The initial invoice will be sent by UNI (“UNI,” “us,” or “we”) upon completion of an sponsorship purchase, or within 30 days of completion of an Order, whichever is earlier. Invoices will be sent to your billing address as set forth on the Order. All invoices (other than corrections of previously provided invoices) pursuant to the IO will be sent within 30 days of completion of a campaign set forth in an Order. Upon your request, UNI will provide proof of performance for the invoiced period.

2. Payment date

You agree to make full payment (in US Dollars) no later than 30 days from your receipt of UNI's invoice, or as otherwise stated in a payment schedule set forth on an applicable Order. UNI may at its discretion assess a late charge of 1.5 percent per each 30 day period that payment is overdue, or where the law does not permit such fee, the maximum such fee permitted by law.

3. Payment liability

The entity agreeing to the Sponsorship Terms of Service is the party liable for payment, regardless whether the Order was placed on behalf of another principal or third party (such as by an agency). We reserve the right to require payment in advance, at our discretion.