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Bring your expertise to the creators of tomorrow. Launch workshops, learning programmes, and exercises that ignite the best minds globally.

What do we mean by a mentor?

A mentor is a person of experience hailing from academia/professional background who crafts educational programmes with the level of realistic experience that is yet to get adopted by traditional institutionalized teaching. The broad canvas of UNI allows you to bring remarkable learning programmes globally.

Why to become a mentor?

Knowledge grows when shared

When pioneers of industry share their skills with the young and budding members of the community, the field grows. Becoming a mentor is a privilege as it gives you an opportunity to steer the direction for growth and earn both scalably to the globe.

Break the mask

Craft interesting programmes

Whether you’re an expert on indigenous architecture or designing for outer space, our diverse community is open to learning emerging subjects that are not found in traditional academia.

Heart first approach towards users

Record your lectures or go live

Whether you prefer live classes with real-time interaction with students or recorded lectures which you can complete at your own pace, UNI classroom has got you covered.


Launch exercises for learners

For every course you host, you can launch a competition related to the subject giving your students the option to test their skills and learn by doing. Set a brief, pick a deadline and let students come up with their imaginations.

More options to choose from

Curate a course

Define a course outline what would you like to teach. This can be any skill, a technique, a research that you have been a part of in the past or a project you are currently working on. The curatorial team of UNI helps you fixate on a course that will be really successful with our growing community.

Top it with an exercise

Once the course is set, craft a small exercise that will help the participants execute what they learnt. Make use of UNI’s inbuilt tools to host, manage submissions and schedule deadlines according to your availability.

More options to choose from
More options to choose from

Give feedback and earn

Like a regular classroom, gather queries and submissions delivered right at your dashboard to give crits and remarks that can help participants to grow professionally. While completing the course also earn royalty with every course you host.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

We expect our mentors hailing from diverse academic/ professional backgrounds from the field of architecture and design. We are open to multidisciplinary educators however the course requires 5-10 years of professional experience as a base criteria.

The instructional part of the course can range anywhere between 2hr to 8hrs depending upon your course structure. The length entirely depends on the chapter length that you plan and multiples of it to make the course. An ideal length is 20min chapters and multiples of this to make the full course.

A course that you are launching is expected to be having a back research or aligned with something you have worked on in the past. With that in place a part time endeavor of 3-5weeks should be ideal to build a comfortable course with professional engagements balanced.

The launch a course for individuals/professionals/professors is free of cost. We provide you with a royalty of the course you’ve created that brings returns to your effort. The detailed term-sheet is available in the welcome email sent to you. If not you can request one by sending a mail at

The choice is entirely upto you and medium you are comfortable with. Live is impromptu and quicker – but it requires more practice to deliver the content effectively. Recorded is usually more comfortable as you can take infinite retakes but requires a good amount of editing.

Just let us know a bit about yourself and your topic of interest by filling this form. Someone from the team will reach out to you within 2 business days.

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