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Designers on UNI are keen to solve the most radical design problems in the world ranging from future of transportation to preserving thousand year old monuments. They are designing the brand strategy for corporates and are also solving the congestion in cities.

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At UNI we have a pool of award winning designers and a rich and diverse community of creative people. Projects on UNI invites everyone people, client, jurors to give feedback, discuss and build upon the ideas openly. Our openness and expansive growth in the field of design and architecture is the biggest reason you should list with us to find great audience for your competitions.
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Large Community

UNI has a collective audience of more than 150k+ designers from around the globe that are solving exciting design exercises everyday on our platform.

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Beautiful interface

Our listing interface is one of the most comprehensively designed web layouts for launching competitions with a very user friendly interface.


Free of cost

The listing features on UNI are 100% free of cost. Share your competitions with our community at absolutely no charge and no questions asked.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers

In listing, UNI provides you a complete interface to upload and share your already launched competition with the community of UNI. Hosting is a service for organizer’s who need payment gateways, submission portals and evaluation portals combined with promotional packages.

Yes, absolutely! We have several promotion packages designed to serve all kind of requirements. We can promote your competition on UNI website, or newsletter and social media channels.

No, in order to use evaluation, submission or payment portal on UNI, you’ll need to host your competition on UNI. Learn more about hosting here.

We recommend the competition listing organizations to honor the competition at all costs. In special circumstances, if a competition is cancelled due to genuine reasons, all participants should be refunded their registration fees immediately. Cancelling the competition without reason or delaying the refund of participation fees can result in organizer getting blocked from submitting listing request on UNI.

No, listing on UNI is completely free with no hidden fees. However, if organizer wants to promote the competition, we have separate promotional packages which are chargeable.

The name and logo of the hosting organization will be displayed on competition card, cover, banners and all promotional material related to competition.

Yes, we allow organizers to make necessary changes to competition details as long as the do not interfere with rights of participants. For any changes, you can write us at

Just fill this form here and  we’ll take care of the rest

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