Become a juror on UNI

Guide the next generation of architects to a better future

What do we mean by a juror?

A Lead juror is a professional expert who evaluates submissions coming on UNI and shares constructive feedback that helps participants to make their work better. At UNI, lot of young architects pit their ideas against challenging problems. They not only invest their time and energy, but at the same time they wish to learn more on how to make their craft better. A juror bridges this gap.

Why to become a juror?

We believe designers can change the world if guided through the right problems

As a juror on UNI, you guide other designers and the entire creative community to do better in their professional careers by sharing your expertise. The participants not only listen to your advice to the problem at hand, but your philosophy and guidance extends through UNI's ever growing community. Your constructive critiques are available for young students and emerging professionals from world over.


Get in the spotlight

Your name and practice is featured on our competitions page with over 700k+ annual visitors.


Provide constructive feedback

Share your expert insight based on the design brief and prior expertise on the served projects.

Heart first approach

A personalized souvenir

On every successful completion of jury, we send across a customized souvenir symbolizing a fruitful collaboration between your practice and the community of UNI.


Timeline for jury

The jury process can be flexibly completed anywhere between a period of 3 weeks, where we present you shortlisted entries from the competition you are judging.

Friendly interface

A simple dashboard to access all the projects, and no emailing of entries or heavy downloads. The evaluation dashboard is compatible to various devices including mobile devices as well.

Friendly interface

A token of honor

Jurors have always been at the pristine spot in design education. Practically nothing can be above than a badge of juror in a competition. Thus, to mark the position and extend our appreciation, we send a momento of honor to our esteemed jury members.

Our previous jurors