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Become a curator on UNI to frame the next big design problem.

UNI is inviting researchers, designers, thinkers and universities to partner with UNI in framing the next big opportunity for the design community. At UNI we are constantly engaging with academia, professional sector and researchers to frame our ever growing design challenges. We are now inviting you to become a curator for the next National/International design problem brief.

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Institutions can now participate under Institutional access program

Designers are always in hunt of challenges

We believe designers can help in making the world a better place.

Designers love to solve problems and have a unique way of seeing the world and that perspective can add some major value in how the world will shape itself to create the next big thing. You can join  UNI's curator program if you are an academician/researcher or an experienced industry professional.

How does it work?

Start with a design challenge.

As an academician, researcher or thinker put across a problem statement for designers in the field of architecture, urban design, product design, graphic design or transportation design. Make sure the problem statement is challenging and demands multiple solutions to the problem. You should also collect enough research materials/references for the participants to work upon the design challenge.

Publish the challenge on UNI

Use our submission form upon approval of request for proposal to submit your design challenge on UNI. At present we offer only academician, researchers and industry professionals with at least 15 years of industry experience.

Get verified and go live on UNI

Once you fill up the form and submit your challenge, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours of filling up your request with further details and verification. Once verified and approved your design challenge goes live on UNI.

Become a moderator of the challenge

Once your design challenge goes live on UNI, we publicly announce you or your organization/institution name upon your consent. You act as a moderator and resolve the queries of the participant or the jurors of the challenge.+

Get paid for curating design challenge

We offer 6% of the registration fee/sponsorship amount to our curators at the end of every quarter, for curating the design challenge. Sponsors and participants make these challenges successful, in the past curators have earned between upto 2035 USD as a curator of a single challenge

UNI Curator's Guidelines

Keep it simple

The problem often offered to designers can be complex and demanding in nature. However, it's advised to keep the problem statement simple that can be defined in one sentence. Add details to support it.

Build upon the context

Before you jump on to the problem statements and objectives, ensure that you have set up the right context for designers to understand the problem statement better. e.g. Site, Surroundings, users, history, evolution etc.

Layout the objectives

One of the best way to ensure the right solution for the problem statement is to define the outcome objectively.

Bring the purpose

Be sure to include the bigger picture of solving the problem and how is it going to make a positive impact. Take time to write your vision concisely.

Use the "Ws"

Make sure to include your "Ws" in the statement and in the brief for designers to better understand the problem statement. e.g. What, Where, When, Why, How.

Additional materials

Provide additional materials like research work, insights, statistics, frameworks or user testimonials for designers to work upon the solution. Providing these details are likely to help designers to make the design process better and generate a solution quickly.

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