Fusing creativity and technology since day 0

A group of motivated architects and web developers joined hands in 2017 to bring the best tools to the architecture and construction industry. That's how UNI happened.

Our value compass

The fundamental qualities guide us through our professional lives. They guide and shape who we are in our day to day activities, people we bring into our company and the future we are growing towards.
Break the mask


Being true to ourselves, work we do and the team we belong in.



We resile and complete any job we agree and commit to.


Team Work

Knowing that everything that happens here is because of our team.

Hands on hands


Equal opportunities and diverse representation by a team coming from all backgrounds.

Heart first approach


Having a heart first approach for people who use our products.



Belief in producing the best work fetches the best rewards.

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20+ members in Uni family operating remotely

1,50,000+ registered users

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1% of profit donated for causes

What goes under the hood

Featuring some interesting stories from our technology and UI design blogs. This section is frequently updated with our new discoveries in day to day lives.

Restrictions on the use of public space and social distancing have been few of the key measures to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. While half of the world’s population has been asked to stay home and avoid public places, it has changed the way we live  Continue reading…

Throughout our Architectural Education, we hear people talking about the use of diagrams and visuals. We have all bore the brunt of jurors only looking at the drawings in a panel and conveniently skipping the description. How can we tackle this issue? Continue reading…

Perks of working with us

Things that makes us different

A diverse background led teams

UNI has been always open to joining hands with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This not only ensures more empathy within our thinking processes, but also empowers our team with a multi dimensional thinking process to the problems we solve every day. You will feel included right from the day one.

Different beverages to represent diversity in opinions

Work from anywhere

UNI from March 2020 onwards has shifted to a truly 100% work from anywhere model. After a short onboarding/training period you can continue to contribute on UNI from anywhere in the world and flexibly according to your timelines everyday. No relocations, no shifting – everything stays the same and you are a part of the team right from day 0.

Learn and grow with us

We are a young team and hungry to learn everyday. UNI inherently by work opens; many gateways to explore new methods, technologies and paths to scale new grounds. There are several annual training programmes open for you based on your learning wishes. You can study and work both while working towards serving the growing architecture and design community.

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