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Past Competitions

These are some of the most acclaimed competitions crafted on UNI, with never seen before ideas contributed by talented architects who are a part of this community.
The Black Taj competition cover

The Black Taj

An incomplete memory of the Mughal Empire

Nano Nest competition cover

Nano Nest

Maximizing living in tiny spaces

Libgen competition cover


Towards a new class of evolutionary libraries

Hustle Hub

Hustle Hub

Youth housing design challenge '19

The City Link competition cover

The City Link

Discovering a public space on a cycling bridge



Rebuilding Mumbai within

Urbanscape competition cover


Redefining the left-over spaces from our cities

We Australia competition cover

We Australia

Embracing evolution through Architecture

Work collage

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Restrictions on the use of public space and social distancing have been few of the key measures to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. While half of the world’s population has been asked to stay home and avoid public places, it has changed the way we live  Continue reading…

Throughout our Architectural Education, we hear people talking about the use of diagrams and visuals. We have all bore the brunt of jurors only looking at the drawings in a panel and conveniently skipping the description. How can we tackle this issue? Continue reading…

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