A collaborative community of creative people


UNI is a place for creative people to showcase their work along with the thought process behind it and have discussions around them. We want to tap people’s curiosity and observations to generate conversations and give constructive criticism on art, architecture, products, fashion and more… These conversations build up new knowledge and often sows the seed of a new idea or help in making the creation better.

One stop solution for all your creative needs

Creative people have diverse needs right from showcasing projects, discussing ideas, exploring works, building network and a lot more. This leads to a very scattered web presence of creative people and a weak global network. We at UNI are bringing all creative people together by satisfying their needs at one place. We do this by removing gaps that they face on multiple platforms. We are shaping UNI as a one stop solution for idea to product realization process.

Making design process more open and efficient

Most of the design studios work in a closed shell, by doing so their design process and knowledge gets restricted to themselves. This lack of shared knowledge leaves no scope of improvement from others in the similar domains across the globe. UNI establishes a connection in between creative people to share their mutual knowledge and make idea to product realization process more open and more efficient. Sharing of knowledge will enable collaboration in this process and will not be limited to physical domain and/or personal network only.

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