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UNI is one of the fastest growing community of creative people who are showcasing their work on our platform. Hundreds of designers are joining our platform every day and participating in our annual awards in the field of architecture, fashion design, graphics design, furniture design and more. You are invited to promote your brand by sponsoring one of the awards on UNI.

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We are running over 10 active awards annually along with our bi-annual design conference. You can choose to promote your brand by choosing from one of the awards from diverse design fields,  by launching your own award on our platform.


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At UNI we have not only award winning designers but also renowned jurors along with the enthusiasts who build up a wide and global audience on UNI. Become a sponsor of UNconferece to strengthen your reach locally. Check our sponsorship brochure to know more.


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At UNI we have a community of creative people who are constantly looking to put their creative brains to solve some of the most challenging problems in the world. We invite your organization to crowd-source your next design problem on UNI.


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75% of projects in creative industry go unnoticed and never not realized. At UNI we are working to solve this problem by enabling collaboration among creative community itself. Our mission is to make design process more open and efficient.


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