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Crowd-source your design on UNI

At UNI we have a community of creative people who are constantly looking to put their creative brains to solve some of the most challenging problems in the world. We invite your organization to crowd-source your next design problem to these creative people.

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What to design?

Designers on UNI are looking to solve some of the most radical design challenges in the world. They are devising the future of transportation and are also tracing the history of thousand year old monuments. They are designing the brand strategy for corporates and are also solving the problem of packaging for industries.


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Why Crowdsource on UNI?

At UNI we have a pool of award winning designers and a rich and diverse community of creative people. Projects on UNI invites everyone people, client, jurors to give feedback, discuss and build upon the ideas openly. We have maintained a wide reach to our audience.


visitors connects to our platform annually


designs submitted in each design challenge on an average


creative professionals on UNI from diverse domains


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How does it work?

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Planning and Formulation

We will line out the order of events, budget allocation, procedure, fee and rules of the competition.

Outreaching Creative Minds

With the pool of award winning designers on our platform and marketing the competition through social media, digital media and print media we aim to reach most of the creative minds in the world.


With you and jurors we shortlist and identify best solutions of the problem statement and complete the evaluation process.

Award/Project Commission

Award ceremony of the competition and grant of the project/prize of the competition.

Drafting Brief

Together with our copy-writing team we will prepare the problem statement, procedural rules, and submission requirements.

Competition Website & Branding

Designing of logos, graphics and creating the brand strategy for the competition website.


Jury and consultants for the competition in coherence with the competition subject.

Coordination and Communication

Coordination with Jury, participants and maintaining media outreach for the competition in association with the client.

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75% of projects in creative industry go unnoticed and never not realized. At UNI we are working change this face of design industry by enabling collaboration among creative community itself. Our mission is to make design process more open and efficient.


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